Posted by on March 30, 2018

The wind was howling through the alleys of the camp and the rain beat more against the walls then the roof. It was a typical spring storm raging across the Iraqi night sky and we were bearing the brunt of it on the ground. After many months, I was looking forward to the passing of this night as this website would finally see the light of day. When morning broke, the signs were positive and I relished in the moment. The storm had passed, like they always do. The sky was clear and the sun beamed its warmth across the rain soaked landscape. The struggle over the last few months had also passed with the storm and along with those moments of frustration. We were now live, off and running. The beautiful weather was an omen of sorts and Day 1 was worthy of celebration.

Over the last few years there were a lot of times like this one for me. I say this in the sense that no matter how frustrated I became or how dark a day or a period might have seemed it always passed. I was guesting on a podcast this past week with Shana James at the Man Alive Podcast and during our conversation we talked about how events in our lives do pass. I said I hadn’t known anyone that was stuck in a traffic jam and was still there a week later even though it seemed at the time that it would never end. And this is what my mind does to me. My thoughts try to take over and paint out the picture that I’m stuck forever in traffic, giving birth to a myriad of frustrations in the moment. I feel the physical change and I tell myself I am not my thoughts. A simple mindfulness breathing exercise calms the mind, brings me solidly into the present moment when my mind wanders. It slows the spread of those chemical releases and reduces my anxiety…and it passes.

Today I marked this date on the calendar. Another milestone achieved in this journey forward. Life is good!

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